TORI&DELI Karaage is Rated #1 in Japan
- Japan Karaage Grand Prix Prize
- MONDE SELECTION (Belgium) Prize

TORI&DELI is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage (Japanese style Fried Chicken) and offers a variety of delicious chicken dishes. TORI&DELI provide a fast food atmosphere for customers to enjoy, relax, all in a casual dining setup. The restaurant has been featured in numerous media publications & TV shows. It is very trendy, popular among local Japanese & tourist visiting to Japan.
We are currently seeking new business partners to join in our growth & expansion of TORI&DELI. In recent years, interest in Japanese foods has increased rapidly in many countries due to the popularity of Japanese food. Even supermarkets and small stores has come to sell Japanese foods, in addition to Japanese restaurants. Karaage is the most popular Japanese food and is a reference to inexpensive, casual style cooking.
Franchise opportunities available in all over the world. Should you need any further information/assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our Karate taste

Japanese Karaage will sell well because most everyone loves deep fried foods. Chicken is healthier & eaten all over the world with no dietary restrictions. Japanese Karaage is considered a national dish, and we can find Karaage at any stores in Japan. Even though there are many competitors of Karaage in Japan. Why TORI&DELI Karaage has been chosen by customers? You can see how you feel by tasting!!!

Secret Karaage sauce

What makes TORI&DELI Karaage so delicious is the seasoning, special sauce & batter made with potato starch. It has a garlic flavor, crispy skin and the meat is tender, moist & juicy! It can be enjoyed hot or cold.
The secret karaage sauce is first marinated with the chicken. It is available in Japan. You will need to import if your franchise is located outside of Japan. You can use the local chicken available in your country. Our factory is approved by ISO/HACCP.


TORI&DELI opened their first restaurant in Tokyo eight years ago. There was no other Karaage specialty restaurant in Tokyo at that time. We received much local coverage on TV as well as in the newspapers & magazines and won several awards.
The main item is Karaage but according to each location or country additional food specialties can be added to your menu to compliment Karaage.


Set up/Lay-out

Our Franchise owners will not incur expensive build outs & high overhead. Our business model is very flexible to adapt to your local needs & requirements. We will work with you to design the most efficient equipment package & layout that allows you the most cost saving.


There are many Japanese fast food restaurants as Sushi, Ramen, Udon, Gyudon and Ramen. The younger generation tends to gravitate to this type of food so it should be located on a very busy, popular street, in a food court or location where young kids hang out.


Our operation & training is very simple. 3-4 days at TORI&DELI will prepare you to open & operate your own restaurant. We will also be available to you 2-3 days prior to your opening to assist & answer any questions that might arise.